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WordPress Website Design & Hosting

MRS Digital Media is a Digital Marketing Agency based in East Texas.

Your website is your first impression.

Websites are a lot like modern-day business cards. Your website acts as a first impression for your leads, and you often only have a few seconds to keep them interested. Websites with too many popups and distractions drastically reduce the number of leads who stay to explore the rest of your site. A great website should be aesthetically pleasing, easily navigable, and fast. As a digital marketing agency in Texas, MRS Digital Media has learned the secrets of managing a website that runs as smoothly as possible. Gone are the days when buggy websites hindered your brand’s growth. And, you don’t need to sacrifice stunning visuals to keep up with performance.

We love WordPress. You should, too.

Users love WordPress sites for their businesses, hobbies, and blogs. A robust WordPress website is an essential tool for brands across all niches. Therefore, we are an Agency Partner with Flywheel. We have managed WordPress hosting to focus on your brand’s growth. The MRS Digital Media hosting service ensures that your WordPress website is fully functional and runs at its peak performance. We employ a team of experts who possess the skills to keep your website updated. Frequent diagnostic tests ensure that your WordPress website from MRS Digital Media is free of viruses, bugs, and anything else that may be slowing it down.

wordpress website design
Wordpress website design & hosting

We design your WordPress website to match your needs.

Your website must be an accurate reflection of your brand. It must utilize your brand voice, logos, and color schemes strategically. However, it ultimately must be something you are proud to look at every day. Imagine your website from your leads’ perspective. You know them well, so you understand their expectations for what you can deliver. Web design is a complex process that requires time and care to get it right. Our web design team has years of experience creating stunning websites for brands of various sizes. 

How we help…

MRS Digital Media offers several services to assist you in achieving your biggest business goals.

Typically, these goals begin with website design and hosting. When you purchase a Website Design + Hosting package, you’ll receive:

We also offer various package upgrades if you require more with your website. Graphic Design, Website Content packages, Social Media Marketing packages, and WordPress Blog Content packages are available upon request. 

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When you book your free consultation, we will go over your current goals and set up a WordPress website hosting and design strategy tailored to your business.